What is WikiLeaks’ Agenda? WikiLeaks is a non-profit journalist website that focuses in releasing large sets of documents that would have otherwise been secret or unaccessible to the public. There is a lot of controversy over the ethics of what WikiLeaks is fundamentally doing. Many have a polarized reaction to WikiLeaks, either loving or hating […]

https://www.rt.com/news/346253-bilderberg-conference-2016-germany/ A few months ago, I started searching for information about the Bilderberg group. It is alleged that they essentially pick presidents, and a lot of other crazy Illuminati new world order conspiracy bullshit. And then I kept looking for more credible, factual information. There essentially is none.  A logical conclusion would be that a […]

The Global Consciousness Movement is a social movement which promotes its members to consider the global community as a whole for all decision making processes. The Globally Conscious Movement is not a political party or religion and does not address any specific social issues, but is rather a set of simple general guidelines to promote […]

There have been a lot of citizens of human society that are bitching about TPP. Mostly, people are scared by the fact that it is possible for the government and corporations to make such drastically important decisions which could potentially affect everyone’s life, yet the public has no way to read or even understand what […]

Nassim Haramein is a self-claimed physicist who has gained a lot of popularity amongst non-scientists and has a ton of enlightening youtube videos. He explains things in a way that if you are not an expert, it seems as if he has to be right. However, I have not met one actual physicist who agrees […]

In this post, I look to share my thoughts on the theoretical possibility of the EM drive. If possible, it seems to me that the correct answer will only be described with Quantum Field Theory, and is inherently a non-classical process. Unfortunately, not many people know much about quantum field theory; even the people who do […]

Typically, we assume that macroscopic energy fluctuations can occur a little bit. This gives us uncertainty in energy, and allows us to predict the order at which events occured in time. If we introduce the concept of Quantropy into stat mech, we could get a better, more accurate path integral description. If quantropy is able […]