Monthly Archives: July 2013

Scharnhorst Black Holes

Hawking’s black hole information paradox is one of the biggest examples of quantum mechanics and gravity not playing well with each other. Special relativity states that no particle, even a massless one, can travel faster than the speed of light c. If the gravitational attraction of an object is strong enough to make the escape […]

Temperature Gradients

Almost by the definition of temperature, an isolated system in a state of equilibrium has a constant uniform temperature. Surely, the processes of conduction and convection allow for fluctuations away from this equilibrium state. While the system isn’t always in the same state of equilibrium, it is entropically driven to enter the state with equal […]

Infinitesimal Analysis?

If there exists a non-standard analysis which addresses an entity which is larger than any real number, perhaps there are an infinite number of such entities which are each larger than the previous. Could a proper analysis be developed, which would give new insight on the concept of infinity? One can construct the hyperreal numbers, […]


This is my first post! Awesome… I have been pursuing many deep philosophical, physical, mathematical, and computational questions. While most of them are not developed enough to be presented in the academic world, this site may provide a venue for me to express thoughts and questions.