How Society Can Make TPP Be a Good Thing

There have been a lot of citizens of human society that are bitching about TPP. Mostly, people are scared by the fact that it is possible for the government and corporations to make such drastically important decisions which could potentially affect everyone’s life, yet the public has no way to read or even understand what TPP is.

Essentially, TPP allows for corporations to act as government bodies, in certain instances. I’m sure it does a bunch of other ridiculous things that I don’t understand. This seems like the most important and obvious one to me.

Nobody reads Garrett Lisi’s short paper on the theory of everything. It is pretty clear that no citizen of US will read all of the TPP. So shut the fuck up about how TPP is going to ruin your life. You are simply scared because of uncertainty. Uncertainty of TPP.

It is that uncertainty which is what makes TPP so powerful. Nobody that wrote it knows how it will play out. Therefore, it is up to society to interpret TPP as a conscious entity, rather than to just shit on it from the start.

TPP is good because government is currently corrupted by corporations. Instead of continuing this corruption, TPP admits power to capitalistic corporations. This will be good for capitalism. It will cause growth. Even better, it gives powers to corportations that they already use. It’s similar to making drugs legal in society, giving the people ultimately more freedom.

People don’t vote, it doesn’t work. But people buy. They will always buy. You, YOU! have the choice to buy from whatever company that you want. If you want to destroy yourself, then you are more likely to buy a product that destroys the planet. I have a feeling the smartest people in the world don’t want to destroy the planet, so it won’t happen.

So basically, TPP forces evolution of the human race. From a Darwinian perspective, TPP makes a lot of sense, because it will force those poisonous consumers to slowly get poorer and die away.

So literally, all you need to do to save this planet is to put your money into companies that you trust. It is now a social obligation of all humans to understand where and how their products are made. If you do not support slave labor, then maybe you shouldn’t buy from certain companies.


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