Global Consciousness Movement

The Global Consciousness Movement is a social movement which promotes its members to consider the global community as a whole for all decision making processes. The Globally Conscious Movement is not a political party or religion and does not address any specific social issues, but is rather a set of simple general guidelines to promote a healthy and sustainable global society. The fundamental goal of the Movement is to get humans to recognize that our decisions affect others in a way that is potentially unpredictable. The first principle of the Movement is that every member inherently wants to promote the positive well being of everyone in the world, including non members. Essentially, the first principle asserts that all members should be conscious of how their actions potentially affect the global community.

As a consequence of the first principle, all members must make conscious and rational decisions which take into consideration not only their own desires, but the desires of everyone in the global community. For example, if I am a CEO of a company which harvests honey from bees, I must make a conscious effort to understand the consequences of all of my possible business decisions. While personal success is still a primary motivation, the first principle challenges me to make sure that I do not take away from the potential opportunity for future growth in society. For example, it would be globally irrational to exploit the bee population to make more money in the present moment. By not recognizing that my greedy business decisions could potentially affect the global ecosystem and economy, I am violating the first principle. The first principle does not dictate anything about which decisions should be made, but rather demands that a member of the Movement takes the time to consciously consider the implications of their actions, rather than hastily making decisions.

The second principle states that all members must attempt to make decisions which benefit themselves and the global community, when possible. Therefore, each citizen of the Movement is required to take social responsibility for their actions, even if the outcome of their actions cannot be fully predicted or determined. For example, if I am still the honey manufacturer CEO, the second principle requires me to act in a way that sustains the global honey supplies, as this would be beneficial to all members of society. Therefore, the second principle can affect the decision making process. If no solution can be found which seems to benefit the individual member and the global society, then the member is free to make transactions which benefit themselves and may potentially harm members of the global society.

I invite you all to join me in attempting to create a sustainable society which is globally conscious.


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