Nima Arkani-Hamed says we should find a reformulation of QFT which removes the fabric of spacetime. This is a novel idea, as it will unambiguously allow for information to be transferred between conformal infinity and the spacetime we live in. Assume electric charge warps spacetime. But not very much. If this is true, then F=kqq/r^2 […]

Today, I will discuss a peculiar experimental result which has been found by a group at CalTech. They are measuring the Seebeck coefficient for materials at high temperatures. The Seebeck effect describes the equilibrium of voltage and thermal gradients in the case where there is no current, or a steady state is eventually reached. The […]

Today, I will discuss a concept which I am not the first to think of, but hope to be one of first to write down the equations and derivations for such an effect. It involves a generalization of the thermoelectric effect to also include gravity. I don’t know what to call it, so the “gravitational […]

One formulation of the second law of thermodynamics states that no process can solely convert heat to work. In other words, an irreversible process must cause an increase in entropy. D’Abramo presents a model which seems to convert heat into electrical energy, while keeping temperature of the system constant. Since this is a spontaneous process, […]

Gauge bosons are the fundamental force carriers of nature. Consider a silly quantum mechanical particle which is the gauge boson for no force at all. By definition, it does not interact with anything. This “noton” has zero mass, just like the photon, but cannot couple to any particles in the standard model. By construction, it […]

Hawking’s black hole information paradox is one of the biggest examples of quantum mechanics and gravity not playing well with each other. Special relativity states that no particle, even a massless one, can travel faster than the speed of light c. If the gravitational attraction of an object is strong enough to make the escape […]

Almost by the definition of temperature, an isolated system in a state of equilibrium has a constant uniform temperature. Surely, the processes of conduction and convection allow for fluctuations away from this equilibrium state. While the system isn’t always in the same state of equilibrium, it is entropically driven to enter the state with equal […]